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(Clean-in-Place / Steam-in-Place)

CIP/SIP (Clean-in-Place / Steam-in-Place)

Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Steam-in-Place (SIP) systems are essential in industries where hygiene is of utmost importance and contamination must be absolutely avoided. These systems enable the effective cleaning and sterilization of equipment, tanks, pipes, and entire production lines without disassembly, saving both time and money.

Grundfos CIP pumps can handle temperatures up to 180°C and are made of stainless steel, capable of withstanding the corrosive cleaning agents used in the cleaning process. Since the CIP system does not come into direct contact with the actual process (such as food or pharmaceuticals), hygienic standard pumps are not always necessary. However, CIP pumps are typically electro-polished to ensure no residue remains inside. Precise chemical dosing pumps can accelerate the CIP cleaning process by adding the required cleaning agents, resulting in reduced system flushing.

For more demanding SIP processes, Grundfos multi-stage pumps are used to feed boilers to produce steam, which can effectively clean at very high temperatures, such as in bottle sterilization.


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