OKS Group Holding Company Limited is a subsidiary ofSiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited invest in Linquip Corporation

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SiamEast Solutions Public Company limited  (SE) is a trading and service company listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  Where we operates under the concept of “Solutions Excellence” as a complete supplier and services of industrial products.

Currently, the company has 5 business unit which are as follows:

  1. Pump system technology
  2. Process and piping solutions
  3. Innovative material division
  4. Service business
  5. Medical products

As for our group, SE has 3 subsidiary and affiliates company as follows:

  1. OKS Group Holding Company Limited was established for investment purpose mainly for holding shares in companies that can synergize with SE original businesses. Focus on Seed to Pre-Series A rounds.
  2. Kessel (Thailand) Company Limited is a manufacturer, fabricator, and distributor of Teflon lining products with installation services for pipes, valves or other equipment

with special properties such as resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperature tolerance.

  1. Utility Business Alliance Company Public Limited (UBA) is a leading company in Thailand that operates water and does environmental management business. UBA operates about 500,000 m^3 of wastewater per day.

Currently, 85% of revenue comes from government sector.

SE goal is to create an service solutions ecosystem via M&A, investments and also diversify the business in both horizontal and vertical expansion to ensure that the company grows sustainable and maximizes return to their stakeholders.

OKS Group Holding Company Limited is a subsidiary of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited and a    holding company which focuses on investments that can help synergize and create new business chain whilst maintaining the goal of creating a service solutions ecosystem for our customers.  Currently, we are focused on the following sectors:

  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Energy optimization
  4. Environmental and utility innovation
  5. Manufacturing and Robotics
  6. Other Technology such as Platforms, Fintech

Not only does OKS Group Holding Company Limited wants to invest, but also be apart and help expand into Thai and SEA market.

Our specialiaty is other than help expand business, we also look into helping companies or startup plan their IPO and execute them.

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มารู้จักกับ Linquip กันเถอะ : https://bit.ly/3FOeGvL

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Linquip is an ultimate equipment-based platform that brings industry experts, manufacturers, service providers, and customers together to create a network-based ecosystem. It is an open-access interactive cloud-based platform like Wiki but for the industry. It provides a high-end industrial ecosystem that brings all the main players of this society together and acts as a value chain. Moreover, Linquip digitally modernizes the old-fashioned sales and marketing procedures of industrial equipment space via its B2B platform backed by an enriched database. Linquip is a connecting platform that enables all industrial manufacturers or service providers to connect to their customers. Linquip offers various business intelligence solutions to corporates across different industry sectors. By leveraging these professional solutions, companies can improve their branding, boost their pipeline, and acquire new customers.
It has networking features in a much industry-focused way that lets experts connect, collaborate, brainstorm, and share experiences with their peers. Platform users get updated information and news from manufacturers and have access to related professional content and data. It helps industrial customers to find rated equipment and services, compare equipment specifications from different manufacturers, and improve their knowledge.

Website : https://www.linquip.com/

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