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Pumping System

The Pump Department serves as a distributor and provides after-sales service for a wide variety of pump products, catering to almost every type of liquid pumping task and utilizing various materials.

Piping Solution

Presenting new technologies to enhance production capacity and extend the lifespan of piping systems and equipment.

Process Equipment

Introducing new technologies to increase production capacity and enhance production efficiency.


In addition to offering products of high quality and abundance, Siam East also provides various services through a highly skilled and experienced team.

Innovative Material

Offering a variety of waste materials in maintenance and production lines to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


HealthCare-Products is a provider and importer of medical equipment certified for use in Thailand.

solar panel

Solar Rooftop Solutions

Many people are likely interested in solar cell systems to reduce electricity costs, especially in industries that require continuous electricity usage 24 hours a day.